Die Wölfe kommen nach Berlin!


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Art exhibition against hatred and violence. 66 wolves by the artist Rainer Opolka show what happens when the order and solidarity in a society break down, and hatred spreads. Is there hatred? Yes. Three years ago, not even the NPD would have dared say the things the AfD is saying today. Here are a few examples:

The SPD and Greens are described as “left-wing infected enemies of the people” (PEGIDA speaker Festerling), refugees as “trash, cattle and filthy vermin” (PEGIDA leader Bachmann), our country is said to be threatened by “the complete loss of German identity […] (and) conditions like civil war” (AfD state chairman Poggenberg). The old parties are described as “maggots that have grown fat on the cadaver of Germany, and therefore do not want the German people to […] wake up […] and stand up against the fascist injustice of Merkel’s Germany” (AfD speaker from Gütersloh).


The party leader of the AfD, Björn Höcke, announces “that the political leaders of this country are controlled by foreigners […], to systematically destroy Germany […],” and Merkel should be “led out of the Chancellor’s Office in handcuffs or a straitjacket […]”.
What is going on? The NPD, AfD and PEGIDA are uniting against the Republic of Germany. 71 years after Hitler, openly stirring up hatred is again tolerated. What we are experiencing is a nasty deterioration of the political culture. As a result, refugee homes burn, and the Federal Crime Office statistics for 2016 already show more racist and right-wing crimes than ever before.

The artist Rainer Opolka has placed his 66 wolf sculptures in front of the Central Station, leering at the parliament building. The wolves are back: Art against hatred and violence. Berlin Central Station (Washingtonplatz) 5 to 16 August 2016. Opening on 5 August at 6 pm.

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