“The wolves are back?” events

Art and democracy


One user on Facebook got to the heart of our exhibition as follows: “What impressed me even more than the sculptures themselves was the effect they generated: The whole square in front of the Frauenkirche was discussing the subject of racism and its causes!!! For sure 500 people during the good hour we were there for!!! And always in the midst of it the artist himself, tirelessly taking questions. I have never seen a better lesson in democracy!! We were really deeply impressed when we went home again.”

The events in Dresden, Potsdam and Berlin gave us the courage to show this exhibition in all of the German states. Next we will be trying to obtain permits in Hamburg, Bremen, Düsseldorf and Cologne. With the exhibition “The wolves are back?”, we have created a new type of action art: Art that fascinates and stimulates discussions.

Planned exhibitions

The exhibition is planning to visit all the German states as a touring exhibition. From 1 June 2017, the exhibition can be seen on Schlossplatz in Oranienburg. We are currently filing applications for Hamburg, Bremen, Düsseldorf and Cologne.


Wolf sculptures

Part of the sculptures is made of bronze, another part from iron. They were made using the lost wax technique. As it is a large group, there are countless expressive possibilities and arrangements. The wolves can be arranged e.g. as a formation, but it is also possible to guide the visitors through the group like a maze. Since the wolves are easy to transport, they can be rearranged into different formations on different days at the same location.